The Golfers Lift

The past week the focus point has engaging the gluteus medius (glute med) which is the red muscle highlighted in the anatomy picture. You were instructed to put your hand on the bottom of the glute to ensure you were engaging all the areas of the hip stabilizers which would also also assist the firing of the weaker muscles, generally that pesky glute med! Some of you attended the Lower Limb workshop with Brent Hall and had assessed yourself to see where your weak links were.  No exercise can be fully successful without removing the movement flaws that cause of back troubles throughout the day.

The gluteus medius will be a main player in the Golfer’s Lift which can be very useful to avoid back injury by conserving the joints while picking up small objects off the floor. Whenever possible this technique used for light lifting will reduce the amount of stress the back must go through.

Golfer’s Lift

For this technique, the knees do not bend. One leg is allowed to come off the floor behind the lifter and acts as a counter balance. The opposite hip bends and the body becomes almost parallel to the floor, except for the leg bearing the person’s weight. One arm reaches to pick up the object while the other is often hanging on a stationary object for support, such as a countertop or the top end of a golf club. The glute med is the main stabilizer on the supporting leg. The glute max is used to lift the back leg. And a strong connection to the body as a whole keeps the back strong and supported.

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