Do you know that rest and ice are no longer advised for injuries?

RICE is out – PEACE & LOVE are in!

In the case that you do have acute tissue damage (eg. stretched the ligaments at the outside of your ankle to the point of a small tear – i.e. an ankle sprain), RICE-ing it is no longer the recommendation.

Instead, evidence indicates that PEACE & LOVE are the way to go!

This is an article written by Impetus Movement and Rehab which impresses that we still need to move just the right amount to keep the area safe and able to heal effectively.

P  – Protect – Rather than full-on rest, we PROTECT the injured tissue to the extent that is warranted.  We want movement to increase systemic blood flow for healing, but also for self-efficacy and helping us recognize we are going to be OK! There are of course scenarios where we want to be more careful (eg. Fracture, surgery, etc.) but there are ALWAYS things we can do!

E – Elevate – one of two RICE-ers that remains. Elevation can help control swelling by helping with venous and lymphatic clearance, thereby reducing discomfort.

A – AVOID anti-inflammatory drugs – yep, you read that correctly… as nice as it is to skip the discomfort associated with inflammation, inflammation is an important part of the healing process and isn’t something we should skip! Now, there may be times where acutely you may decide to manage the inflammation and the associated discomfort with meds (a personal decision). But, just know that inflammation in acute instances isn’t a mistake! It’s an amazing and useful aspect of physiology. In the cases of chronic pain, NSAIDs are NEVER a good idea, as they can have detrimental effects on the liver and stomach. This is not new information — it’s right there on the label! 

C – Compress – The second part of RICE that is worth keeping, compression can also mitigate swelling! Just like elevation, compression helps the veins and lymphatic vessels pump fluid away from the area of injury! Note: our MUSCLES also do this, under all circumstances!!! Compression also gives your brain something else to sense — kind of like rubbing your head when you bump it, or giving your injury a hug! 

E – Educate (That’s where physios like me come in!) 


L – Load that ish up! We need to show your brain you’re OK, and get those tissues ready to take on the world again! 

O – Optimism. Remember what I said about mindset? Have to believe it first to achieve anything. Being fearful and hesitant is understandable, but that’s why we put in the work to restore resilience and confidence.  

V – Vascularization – Blood is the nutrient delivery system of the body! Can’t restore strength and function without it.  Cardiovascular exercise not only is good for endorphins, but for getting the blood pumping to and through some places that would otherwise be semi-stagnant! Don’t want swampy, immobile tissue! 

E – Exercise – Is medicine, duh! And like medicine, we need to prescribe the right dose to get the appropriate effect! This is where it can pay DIVIDENDS to work with a physio who can get you to your end goals!

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