Fitness Videos On Demand

Step 1: Check out some SAMPLE videos

I don’t know about you but I like to know what I’m signing up for before I invest in a membership or subscription. Here’s a few (free) sample videos to showcase the different types of fitness instruction provide by Justina Bailey at Studio Fitness. Check out one or all of the sample classes to help you decide whether or not you might want to rent a single individual video or purchase a weekly or monthly video on-demand subscription with Studio Fitness. Enjoy!

Sample Video Classes

Click on the video player icons below to load sample videos. Videos will open at the top of the page on our Ribbon video hosting service)

Not Ready to Rust with Justina
Not Ready to Rust
Stretch Class with Justina
Stretch Workout
Barre Class with Justina
pilates class with Justina

Step 2: Purchase the Subscription Package that is Right for You!

Sign up for a week or a month of unlimited access to video on-demand classes with Justina. Pick the package the suites your budget, and fitness needs. You can upgrade or cancel your subscription package anytime free of charge. 

(Note: You can also rent individual videos for a 3-day period without a subscription package)

1 Week Unlimited

$ 9
  • On-Demand Starter
  • 24/7 Video Access

Monthly Video Access

$ 25
  • Monthly Access
  • Unlimited Videos with Justina

Step 3: Select A Fitness Video (below) and Get Moving!

We have a wide selection of Pilates, Barre, Stretch & Not Ready To Rust fitness video available 24/7 for all fitness levels and interests. Once you’ve purchased a subscription package and created a Ribbon account (the 3rd party video library viewer that we use to host our videos), make sure you are logged into your Ribbon account and select a video from the Video Library below…then get moving with meaning!

(Note: You must still set up a  Ribbon account to rent individual videos without a subscription package)

If you cannot see the Studio Fitness Video Library on this page you may also wish to trying logging directly into your Ribbon account (or set up a Ribbon account) at: to view the Studio Fitness Videos from within the Ribbon Dashboard.