Organs Influence the Way You Move

Most people are very surprised at how much their inside organs influence the way you move. Pilates, or any exercise routine, can be a great way to transform your body, if you can learn to control the inside of you and be aware of what is happening on the outside. Muscles can become weaker over time and create imbalance because of this lack of awareness. We all go that way! If you stay connected to the patterns, you can minimize undue stress in the joints and keep the brain-muscle power. This type of pilates is where we should all start.    

In this video, Dan, a strong and creative athlete, is working hard at strengthening his body in all areas and not just compensating to get the exercise done. His hamstring starts to cramp when the big toe loses connection to the ground and now there is too much work in small parts of the body. This drop of connection Pilates requires can reflect how particular muscles work too hard, while some are barely stimulated.    

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