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Friday, November 26th 2021, 12:00 pm (20 mins)

Do you have a chronic medical condition such as arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, hearing issues? You many be eligible for a tax refund up to the past 10 years! My dad saw an article in the paper about Nellie Krombach who was well-educated in the requirements of the CRA and what is necessary for the application of tax credits. Many people with chronic medical conditions spend more money than a person without such conditions. Therefore, those persons may not have to pay as much income tax. They are entitled to a disability tax credit by CRA. A disability does not mean a wheelchair! It can be arthritic conditions that make getting dressed take longer, bathroom difficulties, migranes that disrupt your normal activities, breathing issues, hearing loss or tinnitus, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, and more. Nellie was able to get $10,000 back for my father due to the collection of small issues, but unfortunately he did not finish the process before his death this past August. I would like to take the time to introduce you to Nellie this Friday on a free Zoom workshop at noon for a 20 minute presentation Q&A

Group Session on how your Vertigo, MS, Anxiety, Celiac, and other issues provide you tax credits

The Disability Tax Credit (DTC) is a tax credit that helps persons with medical conditions, or their supporting persons, reduce the amount of income tax they may have to pay.

Many people that have chronic medical conditions spend more money than person without such conditions. Therefore those persons should not pay as much income tax.

The DTC provides greater tax savings for some of extra costs that others don’t have. They are entitled to this by CRA. Once eligible for the DTC, they can then apply for: other federal, provincial or territorial programs such as the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), the working income tax benefit, and the child disability benefit.

*Many of our fitness classes incorporate knowledge acquired during our workshops. Check out our class schedule to put what we’ve learned in a workshop to practice!