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Welcome to Studio Fitness Victoria & classes with Justina Bailey! We offer a wide range of different in-person, Zoom and video on demand courses and workshops for all your health & fitness needs. Join us for a Pilates, Barre, Essentrics®, Aging Backwards, Dance Fitness or Zumba class. Check out a class or workshop that focuses on stretching, strength and toning, pelvic floor exercises or postural rehabilitation — there’s something for everyone at every fitness level!



We host health & fitness workshops throughout the year with specialty focus or guest speakers.

Learn more about food & nutrition, fixing imbalances in the body, pelvic floor health, and much, much more…

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Find our most popular class credit packages below. 

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$ 75
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Drop In

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  • Dance Fitness Videos

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we are a community

Justina, Nadia & Wanda

These gals are the Studio Fitness team and teach the Pilates, Strength and Tone, Barre, Aging Backwards, Essentrics, and Stretch Workout Classes. They are all highly experienced in their field and have exceptional teaching skills.

Community Center Classes

If our scheduled classes don't work for your, find us at a rec center in your neighborhood: Panorama, Monterey, and Commonwealth. We teach Pilates, Aging Backwards and Strength classes at places that are about community.

Online Instructor Community

Studio Fitness is a co-op of instructors from around BC and provide a home base for individual instructors to host their online classes and videos: Zumba, BollyX, FitGypsy Dance, BellyFit, and Salsaton.


At this time, we can only accommodate previous Bungee Fitness clientele. Small group sessions are being added to the schedule for our Bungee Fitness folks but will not be posted on the schedule. Please contact me for more info if you have previous Bungee experience.

Get notified about workshops, events, relevant research, class changes and retreats.



image of diaphragm

Air Flow Dysfunction = Pelvic Dysfunction

If you CAN NOT get air into the back of your lungs, you CAN NOT get into a posterior pelvic tilt. Air and pressure should flow and mobilize the back of lungs and back of the pelvis. When you are unable to do this or sense this, it becomes a

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pelvic tilt image

Pelvic Tilt vs Spinal Flexion

Many well-intentioned individuals believe they are doing a posterior pelvic tilt, but they are not engaging any of the muscles needed to do so and instead are flexing the spine erroneously, creating wear and tear on the disks.  First, we do this on the floor because the joints are looser

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movement photo

Move The Stuff Inside of You

This time over the past year has allowed me to visit specialists who compliment my goals for a class: get stronger from the inside out to prevent injury. But we really do have to acquire a better sense of who we are on the inside to calm the nervous system

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