Welcome to classes with Justina Bailey! I offer a wide range of different in-person classes, on-demand courses, and workshops for all your health & fitness needs. Join us for Pilates, Barre, Essentrics®, Aging Backwards, Postural Restoration, or Strength classes. Check out a class or workshop that focuses on stretching, strength and toning, pelvic floor exercises or breathwork – there’s something for everyone at every fitness level!

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Studio Fitness Victoria Live Classes


If you are looking for the vibe of a small group class again with an instructor that can help you stay injury free, classes with Justina can be found at various locations in town. Classes still have that specialized instructor care and awareness with personal interaction.  Videos make a great supplement for classes and workshops.

Studio Fitness Victoria Online Classes

Video Library

Do a workout on your own time, or use these videos as a supplement to your live classes. Maybe you like the idea of not driving or getting changed for class! Try out Pilates, Stretch Workouts, Breathwork, Posture Exercises, and Mini-Workshops. You are always welcome to contact me if you have questions about a workout.

Studio Fitness Victoria Private Classes


If you feel like you would like one-on-one attention and focus you can book a private class alone or with another friend/family member. You have the option of meeting at your home, a studio, or outside. Specific weaknesses and movement patterns will be assessed. You can meet one-time, every week, or every other week. 

Working with Justina

Barre Fitness

Sucheta Sing from Shaw TV stopped by to learn more about Barre Fitness with Justina Bailey.

Rehab Movement, Not Just a Body Part

Justina Bailey speaks with Dr. Gharavi about the importance of rehabbing whole body movement instead of a singular body part. He is an Olympic Coach and trauma surgeon so he gets how the body works.

Pilates for Postural Restoration

Justina Bailey takes a regular Pilates student Dan through a combination of traditional pilates exercises with postural restoration techniques incorporated throughout the routine.


Understanding a Pelvic Tilt

A pelvic tilt changes pelvic floor muscles and the bones of the pelvis. When you just push your back into a global shape, you can miss out on the purpose of a pelvic tilt, which can help restore mobility. The tilt starts with the hamstring muscles, not the ab muscles. The abdominal muscles turn on BECAUSE of the tilt.

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Neck Stretches Don’t Fix Neck Pain

Stretching the neck may provide temporary relief, but it is not a long-term solution for reducing pain or increasing mobility. It is important to address the root cause of the issue, rather than simply treating the symptoms.  The weight of the arms should naturally decompress the upper body, so if

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mobility of the spine

Mobility of the Spine

As you lose control and range of motion in segments of the spine (especially turning the ribcage), the rest of the spine starts to lock up as well, then you get the majority of your motion from the hypermobile segments. When people come to class to stretch the back, they

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