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If you are looking for the vibe of a small group class again with an instructor that can help you stay injury free, classes with Justina can be found at various locations in town. The original Studio closed March 2020 but Studio Fitness credits are used for any class on the schedule. Zoom classes still have that specialized instructor care and awareness with personal interaction. Proof of double vaccination is required and mask while exercising is optional.

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Do a workout on your own time, or use these videos as a supplement to your live classes. Maybe you like the idea of not driving or getting changed for class! All videos have the same unique cues to consider when performing the exercises. If you attended the class via Zoom, you may even remember the parts you needed to work on the most. Try out Pilates, Stretch Workouts, Dance Fitness, Posture Exercises, and Mini-Workshops. 

Studio Fitness Victoria Private Classes


online or in person

Justina puts extra effort into making you feel like you are getting individual attention within a class environment. If you feel like you would like more one-on-one attention and focus you can book a private alone or with another friend/family member. You have the option of meeting at your home, a studio, or outside. Specific weaknesses and movement patterns will be assessed. You can meet one-time, every week, or every week. 

Welcome to Studio Fitness Victoria & classes with Justina Bailey! We offer a wide range of different in-person, Zoom and video on demand courses and workshops for all your health & fitness needs. Join us for a Pilates, Barre, Essentrics®, Aging Backwards, Dance Fitness or Zumba class. Check out a class or workshop that focuses on stretching, strength and toning, pelvic floor exercises or postural rehabilitation — there’s something for everyone at every fitness level!


Fri Nov 26 @ 12Pm (Zoom)

Do you have a chronic medical condition such as arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, hearing issues? You many be eligible for a tax refund up to the past 10 years! My dad saw an article in the paper about Nellie Krombach who was well-educated in the requirements of the CRA and what is necessary for the application of tax credits. Many people with chronic medical conditions spend more money than a person without such conditions. Therefore, those persons may not have to pay as much income tax. They are entitled to a disability tax credit by CRA. A disability does not mean a wheelchair! It can be arthritic conditions that make getting dressed take longer, bathroom difficulties, migranes that disrupt your normal activities, breathing issues, hearing loss or tinnitus, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, and more. Nellie was able to get $10,000 back for my father due to the collection of small issues, but unfortunately he did not finish the process before his death this past August. I would like to take the time to introduce you to Nellie this Friday on a free Zoom workshop at noon for a 20 minute presentation Q&A.

Class Packages

Find our most popular class credit packages below. 

10 Classes

$ 150
  • You want to see results
  • In-Person and/or Zoom

5 Classes

$ 75
  • A good starter package
  • In-Person and/or Zoom

1 Drop-In

$ 15
  • Can top up anytime
  • In-Person and/or Zoom

1 Week Unlimited

$ 9
  • On-Demand Starter
  • 24/7 Video Access

Video Access

$ 25
  • Monthly Access
  • Videos with Justina

Bungee Classes

Bungee is back! Small group sessions of Bungee Fitness are now on the schedule. Please email Justina directly with information on your height, weight, reason for wanting to Bungee, current fitness goals, and areas of concerns, what kind of exercise you like, and something else that may be fun to know! Cost for Bungee is $25/class. Justina Bailey is the only Canadian 4-D Pro certified instructor in Canada, trained directly by Olympic Coach Dr. Homayun Gharavi.

Community Center Classes

If our scheduled classes don't work for your, find Justina at a rec center in your neighborhood: Panorama, Monterey, and Commonwealth for Pilates, Aging Backwards and Barre classes. All people that come to in-person classes have been double-vaccinated. You must wear a mask in public areas, but can choose to wear it working out or not. Bring your own equipment if you have it, but you can borrow as well. Please see the menu 'Schedule' for direct links.

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Hip Socket and Ligament Highway

The Hip Socket Knows All

The hip socket knows when you get new glasses, when you had a tooth removed, and when you don’t sense gravity well. The pelvic bones have a huge influence on how we walk, and how AND sense our body in space. Many of you have heard of proprioception but do

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Organs Influence the Way You Move

Organs Influence the Way You Move Most people are very surprised at how much their inside organs influence the way you move. Pilates, or any exercise routine, can be a great way to transform your body, if you can learn to control the inside of you and be aware

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Air Flow Dysfunction = Pelvic Dysfunction

If you CAN NOT get air into the back of your lungs, you CAN NOT get into a posterior pelvic tilt. Air and pressure should flow and mobilize the back of lungs and back of the pelvis. When you are unable to do this or sense this, it becomes a

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