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Postural Pilates
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Postural Pilates
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Gorge Pavillion

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Move Strong
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Aging Backwards
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Aging Backwards
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Aging Backwards
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Not Ready to Rust
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Sunday Stretch
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Royal Oak Women's Hall

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Breathing Fitness
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Monterey Rec 11:00am

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Private Session

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To book a private session, please phone 250.880.9909 or email with details of your goals and current concerns.

Cost is $110 for 1 hour. We are thoroughly covering different ways to achieve your fitness goal or pain relief. A 30-min session is $55 and we go over one strong concept for you to work on. The rate is the same if you have another family member or class friend attend the private session together. 

Ideally you don’t need an appointment every week, unless you want it. I will give you something specific for you to work on to increase awareness, activation and strength for your body. Then you will need to work on that any of those to be able to move to the next step. This is not about me giving you an exercise program with bicep curls and lunges. There are a million people to do that. My strength is understanding your foundational cracks, compensations, and weaknesses that hold you back or create pain. I work on getting you back to the point that you can perform bicep curls and lunges that make your entire body benefit.  I can do that for you if you need it, too.

One place to meet is in your home so I can see how you move in your space. I am resourceful, so I utilize objects and furniture that already exist in your environment. I wear a mask the entire time we are together and request I can manually adjust your positions if you are comfortable with that. If you are more comfortable with a Zoom session, it is possible but it is generally less effective. 

Notes are taken during class and you are encouraged to take a short video of the exercises. I will follow up our session with an email with the specifics of what we covered and links that may be helpful to you.

If you would prefer to meet at a private studio, we can utilize the Bungee for rehab or prehab exercises. The apparatus is used to stimulate new movement patterns and engage muscles at appropriate levels of activation and tension.

I am good at what I do, and if you are one of the rare people that stump me, you are not charged – even if we try a million different things! This would mean you may have cranial, visual, or dental issues that are holding you back.

For those of you with any hip or low back pain, please check out this link of info that may assist you immediately for pain relief:

Workshop Exercises

All exercises are created by Ron Hruska from the Postural Restoration Institute.

Standing Rotation