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Hip Socket and Ligament Highway

The Hip Socket Knows All

The hip socket knows when you get new glasses, when you had a tooth removed, and when you don’t sense gravity well. The pelvic bones have a huge influence on how we walk, and how AND sense our body in space. Many of you have heard of proprioception but do

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Organs Influence the Way You Move

Organs Influence the Way You Move Most people are very surprised at how much their inside organs influence the way you move. Pilates, or any exercise routine, can be a great way to transform your body, if you can learn to control the inside of you and be aware

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image of diaphragm

Air Flow Dysfunction = Pelvic Dysfunction

If you CAN NOT get air into the back of your lungs, you CAN NOT get into a posterior pelvic tilt. Air and pressure should flow and mobilize the back of lungs and back of the pelvis. When you are unable to do this or sense this, it becomes a

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Pelvic Tilt vs Spinal Flexion

Many well-intentioned individuals believe they are doing a posterior pelvic tilt, but they are not engaging any of the muscles needed to do so and instead are flexing the spine erroneously, creating wear and tear on the disks.  First, we do this on the floor because the joints are looser

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Move The Stuff Inside of You

The quiet time over the past year has allowed me to visit specialists who help me attain the same goals I want for my clients and students: to get stronger from the inside out to prevent injury. But we really DO have to acquire a better sense of who we

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