Can I drop in to any class?

Drop in is permitted for all classes on the schedule. Workshops are registered.

What do I wear to class?

Wear comfortable yoga style clothing that allows you to move freely. Many people like the crop or 3/4 length so that the pants do not tuck under their heels during class. If you have sticky socks, please wear them. Bring a water bottle too but don’t forget to take it away with you at the end of class. If you have your own mat, please do bring it, but we do have mats available for use. Shorts that allow you to hug your knees to your chest will allow you to move well in class. Keep in mind that if your shorts are too short, too loose or too baggy, you may embarrass your teacher and classmates. Please ensure that your shoes are clean before entering the studio, or bring a dedicated pair of indoor shoes for classes that require footwear.

What if I am not fit or not flexible?

Being fit or flexible at the current moment isn’t what matters! You will continually get to your goal, but just move at your own pace and rest when you need to or choose the modifications offered in class. All people in class are coming from different places in their health and fitness levels. Honor your body and what it needs and you will see dramatic differences in just 2 weeks, sometimes in just 1 hour!

Do I have to be a member of Quadra Gym to take classes?

No. Although the Studio is located inside the gym, you do not need to be a member. There are numerous businesses and trainers working under the same roof supporting each other, but we are separate entities. Quadra Sports & Fitness will give a discounted rate to Studio Fitness clientele if you would also like to join the gym or use their infrared sauna.

Is there access to showers so I can workout before my workday?

Yes, there are showers at the gym in which we are located; you do not need to be a member of the gym to use the showers. There are also lockers in the shower room – just bring your own lock. We have cubicles for use inside the studio while you are in class.

Can I come to a barre workout everyday?

Most people come 2 or 3 times a week, sometimes 4, and while it would be nice to see you everyday, it is recommended that you add in something else to your fitness routine in order to reach your fullest potential. Some people choose the UNLIMITED MONTHLY PASS then switch their classes each day to include stretching or a class to improve their corework. We can help you with suggestions, too, if you like, once we know more about your specific needs, preferences, and times available. All instructors are also personal trainers so please book a time with them personally anytime you are ready. We even have a raw food chef on staff who can help you with personal nutrition.

Do you have a punchcard or unlimited monthly pass?

You asked, and we were able to accommodate you with 10-class Punchcards and Unlimited Monthly Passes. Punch cards are great for those who don’t want to worry about payment each class or those who have a changing schedule. Unlimited is the best choice for those who want to work out more than 3 times a week. You can go to any class, (including registered classes if you confirm beforehand). We strive to make it easy for you.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We take cash of course and will also accept cheque, etransfer and credit card. We ask you pay in cash if you can, due to banking and credit card fees charged to small businesses. If using cheques, please make payable to ‘Justina Bailey’. No debit available at this time but there is an ATM machine located upstairs in  the Phoenix Bar and Grill.

Do you give special rates to students?

If you are a student with limited funds but a desire to stay fit with classes on a regular basis, you can receive a student rate of $10/class if you purchase a 10-card pass. Please consider the instructor’s situation too; this is the way she pays for her continuous education. Feel free to inquire through email or phone for more information.

Do you do special parties?

Of course! We love hosting special birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and family events. Just drop us a line and let us know the dates and times and any theme ideas you would like to create. We have experience in Bellydance, Barre, Stretch, and Paddleboard classes. Great ideas for bachelorette parties and birthdays! Justina is also experienced in attending conferences to invigorate the attendees with specially designed programs for business employees.