About Justina

the story

Welcome to classes with Justina – an online Studio with great atmosphere, great people, and great fitness classes (which are sometimes held outside). I collaborate with various professionals around the world to create and facilitate kinetically fluid movement in each class  to  improve posture, strength and vitality. Just like every choice is not a good choice, every movement is not a good one. All of the classes with Justina are structured to improve the way you move and the way you feel.

It makes me laugh when people ask if I come from a dance or athletic background. Whoa, no way! I was always picked second to last in my gym class (there was one girl who didn’t know which goal or basket to score on, poor thing) and the only dancing I did was on the coffee table in my pink cords when mom wasn’t around. Earlier in life while participating in step aerobics at a gym, an instructor encouraged me to consider becoming an instructor because I was always smiling in class and enjoying myself.  I was fit, but was also a hefty 200 lbs with zero self-esteem. I am grateful every day that I followed that advice to become a fitness trainer. After 29 years of teaching a variety of global disciplines and following current research, you will discover that my classes are rich with benefits. People continually say that they feel like the class was designed just for them and value the individual attention they receive.

Some folks who consider themselves to be very fit express the fact that they feel humbled, and those who consider themselves unfit soon find results very quickly. You will find all other movement and exercise you do in life becomes easier, more efficient and more fun. It seems that sometime after childhood, we forget how good it can feel to be in our bodies. It feels good to move with vitality – and that’s what you get at Studio Fitness!

Biography: With extensive experience in the fitness industry and diverse knowledge in the areas of health and wellness, my reputation for vastly changing how people live and move in their bodies is based on the acquisition of specialty training in areas that are an advancing focus for health and wellness, including anti-aging movements.

In addition to fitness instruction and personal training, medical practitioners also refer their clients and family members to sessions with me to assist in their chiropractic, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation care. If someone has recommended me to you, they must care very much about you and trust you will find change and care with personal, high quality instruction I provide in each class.

My Essentrics® and Aging Backwards training was taught directly under Miranda Esmonde-White’s tutelage in her flagship studio located in Montreal. I am proud to have also been trained in anti-aging exercise programs from top presenters in the European Gymnastics Union and been the only North American participant in the European festivals. 

Specialized Training:

– first Barre instructor, and opened first barre studio in Victoria
– 3 different Pilates schools of training (Stott, Basi,New York Pilates)
– Japanese Yoga Therapy
– Essentrics® & Aging Backwards