Private Classes with Justina

To book a private class or instruction with Justina Bailey:

 Please phone 250.880.9909 or email with details of your goals and current concerns.

Cost is $85 for 1 hour 15 min and we are thoroughly covering different ways to achieve your goal(s). 

A 30-min session is $40 and we go over one strong concept for you to work on.

The rate is the same if you have another family member or class friend attend the private session together. 

Ideally you don’t need an appointment every week. I will give you something specific for you to work on to increase awareness, activation and strength for your body. Then you will need to work on that any of those to be able to move to the next step. This is not about me giving you an exercise program with bicep curls and lunges. There are a million people to do that. My strength is understanding your foundational cracks, compensations, and weaknesses that hold you back. I work on getting you to the point that you can perform bicep curls and lunges that make your entire body benefit.  

The best place to meet is in your home so I can see how you move in your space. I am resourceful, so I futilize objects and furniture that already exist in your environment. Or we can meet at a studio that is located conveniently for you.

I am good at what I do, and if you are one of the rare people that stump me, you are not charged – even if we try a million different things! (This has only happened once in my life! But in all fairness , her specialists are also stumped but we still work well together in class environments).