World of Fitness Changes Its Focus to Resilience

Here is a little concept to ponder as the focus of fitness in our world-wide community begins to shift from aesthetics to resilience:

Behavior, experience and values create change. A person who wants to improve their physical state needs to feel empowered. According to almost every study, exercise is good for your health but the benefits of movement depend on the quality and quantity of performance. Sometimes our bodies imbalances and misalignment can feel normal, or even good. This can lead to overuse injuries if one is training with tension or malalignment; the repetitions will simply deepen the pattern of faulty movement within both the structure of the body AND the brain. Train yourself to feel your muscles and be aware of not overthinking your posture so much that it inhibits ease of movement.

Let your body move naturally without your head getting in the way of that flow. Think… notice… then get out of your head and into your body to FEEL. Feeling is what most trainers are trying to convey to their participants. Notice and respect the limitations of your body to increase your natural resilience to injury.

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