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Pilates at Panorama Rec Centre

Can’t always make it in to the Studio for a class? Why not try out a session at Greenglade School on Lannon Way (near the airport).

Gentle Pilates  4pm

Discover a pace that protects the joints and former injuries of the body by encouraging strong and conscious movement. Pilates foundations focus on strengthening postural muscles, greater joint movement to relieve pain, unlock tight muscles and joints, and increase full body flexibility.

Pilates for Beginners  5pm

Pilates principles focus on engaging and strengthening core muscles to improve fitness and prevent injuries, increase awareness of posture, and to gain flow and grace in everyday movements.  Lengthen and strengthen every muscle in the body, resulting in greater joint mobility with long, lean muscles while relieving tension.

Intermediate Pilates  6pm

If you are looking for a great workout focusing on core strength and invigorating movements, you will enjoy this fresh and fun approach to Pilates, based around full spinal movements and increasing joint mobility which nourishes the entire mind and body. Not suitable for beginners or those with large-scale injuries.

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 2151 Lannon Way, Sidney, BC V8L 3Z1, Canada
 +1 (250) 507-4608

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