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Pelvic Floor Workshop – evening

Recover Confidence, Form & Function at Any Age!

This  2-hour workshop is specifically created for women who are undergoing changes in their bodies after giving birth, reaching menopause or as part of aging. It aims to help those struggling with lower back pain, incontinence, pelvic instability, pelvic organ prolapse or those who just can’t seem to lose their “mummy tummy.” Incorporate short & simple exercise routines into your daily activities. When performed regularly these core care exercises will help eliminate or greatly reduce the symptoms you may be experiencing.

Pelvic floor strength is essential for normal bladder and sexual function, postural support and core stability. Learn how to effectively strengthen the muscles that support the bladder and prevent the need for incontinence products & surgery.

WEDNESDAY, March 22 & 29 (2 week session)


$45 including tax

Presenter: Leslie Hopkins from ABvantage pilates

Leslie Hopkins started out teaching step, strength training and aerobics classes before she discovered and began teaching Pilates. Her passion for teaching Pilates has lead her to become a certified pelvic floor exercise specialist (the only one in Victoria). She is a member of the Women’s Health division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and has obtained additional certifications in pelvic floor exercise modalities.

Leslie supports women wanting to improve their quality of life through exercise or more specifically movement re-education. Re-education is necessary because over time we over or under use parts of our bodies in ways that are not efficient. While our bodies adapt, we aren’t using them optimally. Pilates emphasizes conscious movement and trains the mind to be more in-tune with the body to prevent strains and injuries.

Leslie Hopkins is the only pelvic floor exercise specialist in Victoria. She works closely with Physicians, Chiropractors, Registered Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists and other complementary health practitioners to help clients to achieve their health and fitness goals.

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 #1-3946 Quadra St. Victoria BC V8X 1J6
 +1 (250) 507-4608

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