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Noam Gagnon Mat Pilates Workshop

While here in Victoria for his dance performance of the Mars Hotel, Noam Gagnon will host a Mat Pilates Workshop between shows! This Saturday is a rare opportunity for movement instructors, lovers of dance, and intermediate level participants of Pilates or Yoga to learn from this incredible local talent. You will be given a deeper understanding of your own body mechanics, movement and stabilization principles, test out new modifications and blends of movement together.

“Noam is an outstanding pilates instructor, amazing human being, fantastic athlete, and a talented artist. For those of you who have been fortunate to have him as an instructor can appreciate what I mean. Noam possesses an amazing ability to transform your body through very specific exercises. He is capable of working with people of all age groups and abilities.” Yelp Review

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 #1-3946 Quadra St. Victoria BC V8X 1J6
 +1 (250) 507-4608

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