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Bungee Fitness Workout

Canada’s first Bungee Fitness classes are coming to Studio Fitness in August with the only certified instructor in the country. Current Studio Fitness patrons will already be the first to hear and try out the new system but if you would like to try it out too, watch the website for more news or sign up for the newsletter.

Here is my fellow colleague on LIVE with KELLY and RYAN show. Kendall from Crunch has created the program for the US market and Justina Bailey is creating the class design for Canada with her own little flare!

The Bungee Fitness Intro/Sampler is for people to get a good workout and learn where they are disconnected within the frame of the body. There is a bit of air time involved too, like in the video below. The Rehab class is specially focused for those who have a lot of pain in their knees and shoulders or coming back from surgery/injury. The moves involve less weight bearing and encourage fullest range of motion possible without pain.

Please sign up for newsletter if you would like to be first informed of new Bungee Fitness schedule. All 30-min SAMPLE  classes are Sold Out at this time. 

CLICK HERE for more registered class options.


Event information
 3946 Quadra St #1, Victoria, BC V8X 1J5, Canada
 +1 (250) 507-4608

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  1. Catherine
    16 hours ago

    So exciting Justina, thank you! Can’t wait! Cheers, Catherine


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