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Bungee Fitness: Open House

Bungee Fitness

You are invited to check out what the Bungee Fitness apparatus looks like and how it feels to play on it. This is not a formal class but an opportunity to either explore on your own or be guided through some basic exercises: flying through the air like superman to coordinate limb functions, jumping like a frog just for fun, butterfly kicks to improve kinetic timing, or swinging from a 20 foot ceiling to decompress the spine. Even if you have already participated in one of the sample classes, you can try it out again with what you have learned! It is the first of its kind in Canada and still very new to North America. This is different than some of the bungee videos designed for dance – this is for improving quality of movement while you feel like you are playing. Some people don’t feel like a workout is valuable unless it is torturous but let’s bring back the playfulness to working out. Bungee Fitness is a workout that challenges all the muscles dynamically to meet the demands of sports and also meet the demands of everyday movements. Whether an athlete or not, everybody can experience full range, spring-like movements. It is simple, comfortable, effective, easy on the joints and FUN!

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 3946 Quadra St #1, Victoria, BC V8X 1J5, Canada
 +1 (250) 507-4608

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    1. Justina Author
      5 hours ago

      Thanks you Bisia. Come try out the Bungee and see how it feels to bounce in the fascia:)


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