Updates for classes and locations:

June 1:

June is here and many of us are returning to a more familiar lifestyle. I don’t dare say ‘normal’ because many of us are still recovering. To be honest, I am a little tired from the last 2 years of hustling. Although we were shut down, there was a lot of work to prep and connect and reinvent over and over again. Classes will be more limited this summer BUT there will also be new options available including week-long bootcamps and a brand new $17 million location!

We have just held our last class at University Heights Mall as it prepares for demolition. It was a good location for us but I am organizing daytime and evening classes at the breathtaking new Esquimalt Gorge Park pavilion. There are still many, many moving parts for upcoming classes but weekly updates will be posted.

What does this mean for summer classes?

  • Community center classes will finish at the end of June. There will be a week of bootcamp classes through Monterey (daytime workshops) and Panorama (evening Pilates classes) August 8-12. You can register through them directly; info and links can be found on the SF website and schedule.
  • Bungee appreciation classes will be held for former students. They will be invite only and sent when classes confirmed.
  • Postural Pilates, Aging Backwards and evening classes planned for the new Gorge Pavillion.

What is planned for the fall?

  • There are some exciting plans for new class locations but negotiations are still in the works. News will be announced when all is set to go.
  • Community Center classes are going to stay the same as the past and you register directly through them.