Private Bungee 30min

Bungee Fitness: Private Sessions

If you feel more comfortable with a private 1 on 1 session to try out the Bungee system, Justina or Lindy is available any time the studio is not holding a class or rental as indicated on the website schedule. Private Sessions are generally 1 hour and can be private, semi-private or small groups/family units. The focus can be for fitness, rehab or just for fun. Corporate classes can be arranged, too. It is even less than most personal training sessions in any other gym but way more fun!

Private Bungee Session for 1 person $60.00
Private Bungee Session for 2 people $90.00
Best Value: Family Rate! $100.00

Lindy has run a successful private practice that incorporates Nursing, Bio-mechanics, Bio-engineering (aka Structural Alignment), Acupressure, Jin Shin Do, and Health Coaching for many years. Lindy is a caring and knowledgeable soul who is experienced in assisting a body in working out the restrictions which may be causing limited range of motion or pain. She is a perfect match for the Gentle Bungee which incorporates rehabilitation and body-weight supported movements.

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