Foundation Training

Foundation Training – Registered Students Only

Foundation Training is a movement practice that focuses on strengthening the posterior chain of the body, improving posture, breathing, and muscle activation. Building new movement patterns will help you live a life of less pain, more strength, and more enjoyment. By strengthening the posterior chain, your muscles can then support your body properly, relieving pressure on joints and bones. Benefits of Foundation Training include reduced lower back pain, improvements to hip and SI joint issues, upper back, neck and shoulder pain, and also foot and ankle ailments.

This class is a Reserve Space only and not part of the Studio Fitness class offerings. 

The Studio provides the space for Foundation classes to be held and are organized directly through Kari so please be sure to contact her to secure your spot. Contact Kari directly HERE.

Living an active life with scoliosis has led Kari to focus on alignment and body awareness, finding more efficient ways to move with strength and grace, all of course, safely. Kari believes in finding what works for each individual and offers a variety of exercises to keep each person feeling successful.

Foundation Training focuses on strengthening the posterior chain of the body, anchoring the pelvis and decompression of the spine found through proper breathing techniques and muscle activation. By positioning the body in a way where it is forced to use the muscles we target, movement becomes more efficient while minimizing back pain. When Kari is not teaching you can find her cooking, reading, or practicing yoga.


- BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
- Group Fitness & Barre Instructor
- Foundation Training Instructor
- Raw Food Chef