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Be part of the first official Bungee Fitness classes to be held in Canada, flying through the air like superman, jumping like a frog or swinging from a 20 foot ceiling. Bring back the playfulness and FUN to working out. Bungee Fitness is a workout that challenges all the muscles dynamically to meet the demands of sports and also meet the demands of everyday movements. Muscles are trained to move faster and independently from each other efficiently. This prevents injury and creates a balanced body. Whether an athlete or not, everybody can experience full range, spring-like movements. It is simple, comfortable, effective, easy on the joints and fun!

The Bungee system was originally invented to help rehab a professional athlete by the name of Anastasia Zueva. She was told by doctors to immobilize the knee and put no weight on the leg which protects the injury but also leads to atrophy of many muscles and normal movement firing patterns. With the objective of providing effective and targeted therapy, her physician, Dr. Gharavi designed a device that would control load and mobilization restrictions but at the same time allow the patient to facilitate the development of performance. A philosophy based on movement to prevent muscles from atrophy, not on restricting movement. With the help of the Bungee, she returned to competing and won the title of world champion, even setting a new world record.

When one part of the body is not working properly, other parts of the body either become weaker or overworked which can cause pain and/or injuries. The Bungee Fitness workout targets more than just muscles – fascia gets a dynamic workout as well. Remember when the medical industry thought you couldn’t retrain the brain? Well, exercise philosophies have changed, too. Elastic quality exercises build strong elastic fiber growth in all kinds of tissues in the body. Controlling movement leads to better body mechanics and the Bungee provides instant feedback. The fitness world won’t ever be the same again so come be one of the first people to try out Bungee Fitness and be part of the cutting edge changes occurring in the industry now.

CLASS TYPE: Registered

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Pre-registration to attend this class is REQUIRED. Each class has room for 6 students. Each session of classes runs for 4 consecutive weeks. The cost per session is $100 + GST.

Class Timetable

  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
Tuesday 9:30 am 10:25 am Justina Bailey Studio Fitness: Victoria, #1-3946 Quadra St, Victoria BC, V8X 1J6
9:30 am - 10:25 am - with Justina Bailey - at Studio Fitness: Victoria, #1-3946 Quadra St, Victoria BC, V8X 1J6

With extensive experience in the fitness industry and diverse knowledge in the areas of health and wellness, Justina’s reputation for vastly changing how people live and move in their bodies and her reputation is based on her acquisition of specialty training in areas that are an advancing focus for health and wellness including anti-aging movements.
In addition to fitness instruction and personal training, medical practitioners also refer their clients to Justina to assist their chiropractic, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation care. She is well known for her practical knowledge and top-notch instruction. Justina studies web seminars every single day to compare and contrast the scientific ideas with changing practices in fitness.

Justina completed her Essentrics® and Essentrics® Aging Backwards training directly with Miranda Esmonde-White in Montreal and has also been trained in anti-aging exercise programs from top presenters in the European Gymnastics Union. She has been the only North American participant in the European festivals and is focused on creating more of a regular attendance in these events if her students are willing to accompany her and highlight their amazing movement quality.

Specialized Training:

- Barre
- Pilates
- Japanese Yoga Therapy
- Essentrics®
- Essentrics® Aging Backwards
- Personal Training


- CFES Weight Training Instructor Certification
- Emergency Standard First Aid Certifications

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  1. Dallas
    17 hours ago

    I would love to learn more about these classes I think this would be so much to try is there a weight limit at all I’m 215lbs and are their weekends classes at all

  2. Fiona Hermanutz
    17 hours ago

    I am a studio owner and interested in bringing in the bungee fitness. Where did you purchase the set ups? And who did your training?

  3. Lorraine Fallis
    19 hours ago

    Hello Justina,
    Was just speaking to Ron Fisher (my friend and neighbour) (Sunday, over a glass/bottle of wine…) and he told me about these classes and I am VERY interested in. Can I give it a try and sign up for September.
    Lorraine Fallis 250.380-0178

    1. Justina Author
      20 hours ago

      HI Again Lorraine. Would you like to try out our classes for something refreshing this month? 🙂

  4. Char
    20 hours ago

    I SOOOO want to do this, but I’m in Langley, BC. Do you know of anyone on the Mainland who offers bungee classes?

    1. Justina Author
      20 hours ago

      Hi Char. No one else is teaching it in the province but you can point your favorite studio to this website and perhaps they can join us for the upcoming trainings!

  5. Teresa Sauve
    17 hours ago

    I am very interested in this
    I live in an area close to Victoria and would love to find out more
    I have osteoporosis and arthritis, thinking this could help my build up some muscle
    I am away until April first and would live to get the info and hopefully start when I return
    Thank you so much

    1. Justina Author
      18 hours ago

      Hi Teresa,
      Bungee is a great way to build muscle and a well-functioning body that moves well. When you get back, give me some advance notice and we can book a Bungee Intro class or private session. Have a good time away and see you soon.
      Justina and Lindy

  6. Cindy Bouchard
    37 mins ago

    I am very interested in your bungee fitness and would like to register for next available class!

    1. Justina Author
      18 hours ago

      We have a Bungee Intro class Feb 24th at 1pm. Can you make it?

    2. Justina Author
      18 hours ago

      HI Cindy,
      The next Bungee Intro class is Feb 24, Sunday, at 1pm. If you can make it, please book early to save a space. If that day doesn’t work, let me know what night does.


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