Athletic Stretch

Athletic Stretch

You do not need to be an athlete to join this class but it is structured for the person who doesn’t stretch as much as they should; sometimes sweaty, sometimes soothing. We will use the barre, bands, balls, walls, as well as some modified Japanese yoga moves, and Essentrics to lengthen muscles around the joints. Bring your sense of humor because this is always a fun class. Every week is different.

The purpose of this program is to stretch, strengthen and re-balance the full muscular structure, leaving you more flexible and agile. Hundreds of professional athletes including NHL players have adopted this workout and experienced better performance, fewer injuries and faster recovery by preparing the muscles and tendons to withstand unexpected twists, turns and stresses of sports and everyday life.

In most flexibility programs, the emphasis is on passive stretching. Although passive stretching feels good at the time, the moment you move, your muscles re-contract to their starting point, leaving you as tight as prior to a passive-stretching workout. You will maintain flexibility while increasing your strength. Like everything worth having, flexibility takes time to achieve. It is unrealistic to expect a change in your overall flexibility in a short period of time but to consider adding in another stretch class in the week or maintain a program at home.

CLASS TYPE: Drop-In / Punch Card

Class Timetable

  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
Monday 7:15 pm 8:00 pm Justina Bailey #1-3946 Quadra St Victoria Canada British Columbia V8X 1J6
7:15 pm - 8:00 pm - with Justina Bailey - at #1-3946 Quadra St Victoria Canada British Columbia V8X 1J6

With extensive experience in the fitness industry and diverse knowledge in the areas of health and wellness, Justina’s reputation for vastly changing how people live and move in their bodies and her reputation is based on her acquisition of specialty training in areas that are an advancing focus for health and wellness including anti-aging movements.
In addition to fitness instruction and personal training, medical practitioners also refer their clients to Justina to assist their chiropractic, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation care. She is well known for her practical knowledge and top-notch instruction. Justina studies web seminars every single day to compare and contrast the scientific ideas with changing practices in fitness.

Justina completed her Essentrics® and Essentrics® Aging Backwards training directly with Miranda Esmonde-White in Montreal and has also been trained in anti-aging exercise programs from top presenters in the European Gymnastics Union. She has been the only North American participant in the European festivals and is focused on creating more of a regular attendance in these events if her students are willing to accompany her and highlight their amazing movement quality.

Specialized Training:

- Barre
- Pilates
- Japanese Yoga Therapy
- Essentrics®
- Essentrics® Aging Backwards
- Personal Training


- CFES Weight Training Instructor Certification
- Emergency Standard First Aid Certifications

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