Class Descriptions


Studio Fitness: Victoria offers a wide range of Pilates, Barre and Stretch courses for students off all fitness levels and experiences.


Fitness classes are available via pre-purchased packages or credits. Dropins are possible but only guaranteed if booked in advance online. Each class is worth 3 credits. The cost per credit is $5+ GST when you purchase a package, or $18 drop-in.


Pilates Classes

Gentle Pilates

This is a good class to cover basic principles of proper alignment and body mechanics, isolate the muscles and restore a balance to the body; engaging and strengthening all the core muscles to improve fitness and prevent injuries.

Pilates Workout

Intermediate Pilates


Barre Classes

Essentrics Barre

Iron Barre

Barre Workout


Stretch Classes

Classical Stretch

Athletic Stretch


Other Classes

Aging Backwards

Gentle Yogalates



Experience Bungee Fitness at Studio Fitness Victoria

Be part of the first official Bungee Fitness classes to be held in Canada, flying through the air like superman, jumping like a frog or swinging from a 20 foot ceiling. Bring back the playfulness and FUN to working out. Bungee Fitness is a workout that challenges all the muscles dynamically to meet the demands of sports and also meet the demands of everyday movements. Muscles are trained to move faster and independently from each other efficiently. This prevents injury and creates a balanced body. Whether an athlete or not, everybody can experience full range, spring-like movements. It is simple, comfortable, effective, easy on the joints and fun!


Pre-registration is REQUIRED for ALL Bungee Fitness Classes. Each class has room for 6 participants. Each class is worth 5 credits. The cost per credit is $5+ GST.


Intro Classes (30 Minutes)

Introductory or sampler classes are shortened beginners Bungee Fitness classes, ideal for new students interested in learning more about how the bungee apparatus works and the types of exercises we do in a regular class.


Beginner Classes

Gentle Bungee Monday 11:00A AM
A class designed for those who are looking for a fitness experience that will allow the whole body to grow stronger and more flexible, while relieving stress and tension throughout.


Bungee Fitness 55+  Wed 9:30A

A class designed for those who are tentative because of past injuries or returning back to exercise.  This class is minimal weight bearing on the joints and can be as modified or challenging as you want it to be and you don’t have to be 55!


Intermediate Classes

Bungee Fitness AM  Tues 9:30A

This would be a great class if you prefer working out in the morning, or after dropping the kids off at school. You will work towards intermediate Bungee work with jumping, lunging, armwork and flying.


Bungee Fitness PM  Wed 6:20P

If you can’t make it to a daytime class, then sign up for this class to explore different movements working towards the biggest range and limits of fun that you can handle!


Bungee Fitness  Thur 5:00P & 7:15P classes

This will be an workout! Push yourself to your athletic limits while having fun. Build arm, leg and core strength as you jump, fly, leap and hover.


Bungee Fitness Sun 12:00P

Weekend workouts should be fun! We will jump, fly, leap, hover into intermediate exercises while improving form to incorporate the concepts into everyday life and sports.


Advance Level Classes

Bungee Bootcamp Intro/SAMPLER Class Sat 9:30A

Come get your sweat on! Bungee Bootcamp classes are broken into two half our sessions, filled with high intensity exercises. The first half focuses on toning and firming your gluten (think Brazilian Butt Workout Bungee Style!), while the second half focuses on using the bungee to increase upper body strength.