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Jochen Bocksnick teaching Aging Backwards

We are lucky to have a research specialist on aging and instructor of kinesiology programs sub this Wednesday’s Aging Backwards class! My hunch is that you will have a great experience with this man teaching and could perhaps learn a bit too! SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS and RESEARCH REPORTS Bocksnick, J.G. & Dyck, M. (in press). Identifying age-related stereotypes: Exercising with older

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Better Knees with Bungee

So you are concerned about your knee, or shoulder, or getting hurt? The Bungee Fitness set-up was created by an Orthopedic trauma surgeon in order to get his clients back to their level of desired fitness using a variety of principles. So it is designed to be safe! Watch the following video of rehab for the knee provided to me

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But I was told not to squat….

To Squat or Not to Squat? The following information is based on a study from the University of Alberta & Explosive Strength Athletics in Irvine, CA. “Squat Exercise Progression”, Strength and Conditioning Journal, V33, #2, April 2011 Squatting exercises are popular in exercise for both athletic and nonathletic groups to increase upper and lower leg muscle strength and power. It

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Is Foam Rolling making your leg tension worse?

Foam rollers seem to be all the rage these days and often for good reason. They’ve been demonstrated to restore lost range of motion at certain joints and many of us swear by their ability to help massage away soreness and speed recovery. Chances are high that if you’ve ever used a roller, you’ve used it to roll out your iliotibial

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The Golfers Lift

The past week the focus point has engaging the gluteus medius (glute med) which is the red muscle highlighted in the anatomy picture. You were instructed to put your hand on the bottom of the glute to ensure you were engaging all the areas of the hip stabilizers which would also also assist the firing of the weaker muscles, generally

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Welcome to Victoria’s Barre Studio! Studio Fitness is Vancouver Island’s first Barre Studio; located inside Quadra Sports & Fitness, next to the Keg on Quadra. If you haven’t already heard about Barre classes, they are the most popular trend in fitness because they are effective and definately not boring! Women, including celebrities, find the classes successful in providing results – designed to

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