Cat Lynch


Position: Pilates & MELT Method Instructor
Biography: In 2009, Cathryn took Stott Pilates classes to rehabilitate a nagging knee injury. This empowering experience helped her regain her strength and mobility. Cathryn’s passion for Pilates and its healing power of body and mind inspired her to pursue a teaching certificate with Stott Pilates in 2011. Since earning her certification in both Matwork and Reformer, Cathryn has completed several professional development certifications including Cadillac, Melt Method, and dozens of small equipment workshops. In her classes, Cathryn aims to empower each client to learn to move their body with fluidity; to reduce pain;to gain strength, stability, length, flexibility and balance, all while having a little fun! Cathryn is a gentle, kind, intuitive, and knowledgeable instructor. She has the ability to guide you to the safest and most efficient space inside yourself, tapping into your own healing and body wisdom.