Aging Backwards & Forever Painless

You may have heard the CBC program today with author of ‘Aging Backwards’ and ‘Forever Painless’, Miranda Esmonde-White, discussing the role of pain and how we create patterns in our daily lives which contribute to it. Sometimes your job may be so active that you have to push through the pain which is what an athlete must do as well. Perhaps you have had an accident but now you are considered healed from the experience but pain still continues. North Americans all know the phrase “No Pain, No Gain” but we are realizing the error of our old ways as we pursue better health and quality of life. Many people forget how good the body can feel since they have created imbalances and discomfort just from living.  Please don’t regret or worry about what the past years and habits have done to your body. We many not erase pain completely but we can discover some easy patterns of movement which will build more strength and endurance – AND instigate healing. Listen to more from Miranda on this CBC podcast  on ‘The Urban Monk’ last year.

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  1. Sandra Baron
    3 hours ago

    Hi Justina…Happy New Year!

    I really enjoyed listening to Miranda’s interview yesterday. I found your blog when searching for her videos. I’m going to begin with the mini upper body pain free workout today. I will share her other videos with my family and two friends who live with pain.

    Great to hear you are still offering these amazing workouts. They will be most helpful with staying strong for paddle boarding.

    Keep well,

    1. Justina Author
      4 hours ago

      Hi Sandra. Yes those will be perfect little workouts for paddlers! We should do a special workout for your group some day soon.

  2. Frieda
    2 hours ago

    Where are the classes in New Jersey


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