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Kyla Gagnon

Position:Instructor & Personal Trainer
2013 VICTORIA’S BEST PERSONAL TRAINER 2013 VICTORIA’S BEST BUSINESS NPAA BIKINI ELITE PRO 2X COVER MODEL ( NATURAL MUSCLE & TRAINING AND FITNESS) INTERNATIONALLY PUBLISHED FITNESS MODEL INTERNATIONALLY PUBLISHED FITNESS WRITER ( MONTHLY CONTRIBUTER TO NATURAL MUSCLE & TRAINING AND FITNESS) Life isn’t always easy, in fact nothing worth anything SHOULD be easy. If it were, everyone would have “IT” and we’d all look like “Her” or “Him”. When it comes to creating the FITNESS life of your dreams, you need to know a few things….This is where I come in. I am here to walk with you through each day of your journey. *Note I said JOURNEY. Described in the Dictionary as the noun meaning ‘to travel from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time’ Personally, I’m over the quick fix trends that we’ve all been bombarded with. Fitness models didn’t come out of the womb looking like that, I PROMISE you. This is a journey, an exciting, challenging, rewarding exhilarating journey that you have to WANT in order to reach the end. I train my clients with the same belief that I train myself. Train your hardest, eat your cleanest, breath your deepest and love yourself for doing it. Simple. Some workouts might feel harder, some food might be ‘dirtier’ some breaths might be short and panicked and sometimes you might feel really mad at yourself…… Insert : Balance. I specialize in regular people. People like YOU and people like ME.